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International Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference In Canada With Invitation Letter

Proudly Canadian, Truly Global

ISBN Canada Prefix for Global Conference Alliance Inc. : 978-1-7389002

The conference proceedings of the Global Conference Alliance Inc. publication is ISSN 2818-0208.

Global Conference Alliance Inc. was incorporated under the Business Corporations Act of British Columbia on January 4, 2019

Inspire, Connect, and Innovate

Join the Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference in Canada

Join the Global Conference on Arts, Education, and Humanities in Canada, a strong platform designed to inspire, connect, and innovate. This event gathers distinguished thought leaders, researchers, educators, and professionals to share their profound knowledge, recent breakthroughs, and pioneering ideas across diverse topics. Attendees can advance their professional skills by engaging with current trends, theories, and best practices and acquiring novel techniques and strategies through enriching workshops and seminars.

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The Vancouver Arts and Educational Conference serves as a distinctive networking platform, bringing together like-minded professionals from around the globe to promote collaborations and mentorships and build strong professional networks. Delegates will be exposed to global viewpoints, thus expanding their understanding of international issues and cultural differences and creating more globally pertinent contributions within their fields.

This arts, education, and humanities event also encourages community engagement and facilitates an understanding of societal needs, allowing professionals to connect their work with community initiatives. Attendees have the opportunity to engage with recruiters and explore new career avenues. The inspiring environment, teeming with creative energy and intellectual discourse, revives a passion for work and encourages personal growth. Here, soft skills such as communication, leadership, and critical thinking are enhanced alongside cultural understanding and empathy.

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Key Session

Key Session of our Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference

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Exploration of Artistic Education and Pedagogy: The International Conference on Arts and Humanities in Vancouver intensely studies the multifaceted teaching methodologies and practices prevalent in the arts. Delegates will be exposed to groundbreaking strategies and prevailing pedagogical trends designed to cultivate creativity, nurture critical thinking, and engender aesthetic appreciation among learners from a diverse array of age groups and backgrounds.

Delving into Cultural and Literary Studies: The Arts, Education, and Humanities conference will explore various cultural and literary expressions drawn from across the world. By critically analyzing texts and cultural phenomena, participants are encouraged to contemplate how these forms of expression mirror and shape societal norms, and values, and challenge preconceived notions.

Examination of Visual and Performing Arts: This engaging segment of the arts, education, and humanities event offers an immersive exploration of diverse artistic forms, including but not limited to painting, sculpture, dance, music, and theater. Attendees will receive intriguing insights into the creative process, pioneering techniques, and the ever-evolving dynamics of the global art scene.

Digital Humanities – Intersection of Technology and Tradition: A central theme of the Arts, Education, and Humanities Conferences discussion will focus on the convergence of technology and the humanities, underlining how digital innovations are revolutionizing the scope of research, creative processes, preservation, and dissemination in these fields. Participants will explore practical applications such as data visualization and digital archiving.

Exploration of Multiculturalism and Diversity: Attendees of the Conference with IRCC code will investigate how diversity in cultural backgrounds molds the arts and humanities. Besides, the key discussion topics will include representation, inclusivity, and the arts and humanities’ role in challenging bias and promoting a discourse on global diversity.

Emphasis on Interdisciplinary Approaches: The session of the arts, education, and humanities summit spotlighted interdisciplinary approaches and underlined the importance of bridging disciplinary divides. The goal is to expose delegates to various perspectives that can enrich their comprehension of complex societal issues, augmenting their innovative and problem-solving capabilities.

Integration of Arts-Based Research and Practice: By joining the upcoming Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference, participants can explore incorporating artistic practices into research methodologies. The emphasis will be on how artistic thinking enhances knowledge generation, problem-solving abilities, and research findings communication.

Community Engagement and Outreach: One of the major segments of the conference is dedicated to community engagement and outreach, highlighting the role of the arts and humanities in cultivating community bonds. Through insightful case studies, successful engagement initiatives are showcased, stimulating participants to discuss how the arts and humanities can effectively promote social cohesion and civic engagement within communities.

Global Perspectives in Arts and Humanities: This insightful section discusses global dimensions of arts and humanities. Key focus areas include cross-cultural exchanges, global collaborations, and international arts policies. Delegates will develop a more profound understanding of the interconnectedness of the global arts prospect.

Professional Development and Career Opportunities: To conclude, this session of the Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference in Vancouver provides delegates with invaluable insights into the various career paths within the arts and humanities sectors. Delegates will receive practical advice on skill-building, networking, and exploring job opportunities in both traditional and emerging sectors.

Journal Publication

Global Conference Alliance Inc. is a proud member of CrossRef, which allows us to register DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for our published materials. Through CrossRef, we have joined the world’s largest registry of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and metadata for scholarly research; our work is connected with 150 million other records from >19,000 other members from ~151 countries. Crossref facilitates an average of 1.1 billion DOI resolutions every month, which is 95% of all DOI activity.

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All papers accepted in Global Conference will be published in “Global Business and Economics Journal – Volume 4, Issue 2 (2024) and Volume 5, Issue 1 (2024).”

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Keynote Speaker

Meet Our Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Afzalur Rahman

Conference Chair

Mr. John O’Fee

Divisional Chair, Business Law and Human Resource Management

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Global Conference Alliance Inc. At A Glance

Global Conference Alliance Inc. is a Vancouver-based company specializing in curating world-class international conferences, robust workshops, and expansive expos across crucial fields such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, Digital Marketing, Economics, etc.

We take pride in our Canadian roots while showcasing a global footprint, hosting distinctive events across Toronto, Vancouver, Houston, Las Vegas, Texas, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, New York, and Cancun, and engaging delegates from over 70 countries.

We are committed to fostering multilateral collaborations and nurturing innovative research, thus making us a trusted global platform for knowledge exchange and professional networking. . . Learn More

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Why Attend

Why Attend Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference In Canada?

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Acquisition of Knowledge and Deep Insights

The Arts, Humanities, and Education Conferences in Canada 2023 With Invitation Letter serves as an intellectual arena where distinguished thought-leaders, accomplished researchers, seasoned educators, and proficient professionals in the fields of arts, education, and humanities assemble to impart their profound knowledge, recent breakthroughs, and groundbreaking ideas. Delegates will be privileged to precise analyses, specialized insights, and comprehensive discussions across a broad spectrum of topics, thereby augmenting the comprehension of their respective fields.

Advancement of Professional Skills

Participation in the conference will act as a catalyst for enhancing your professional prowess by acquainting you with the most current trends, theories, and best practices within arts, education, and humanities. It presents the opportunity to partake in enriching workshops and enlightening seminars where novel techniques and effective strategies can be acquired. Applying these learnings in your professional sphere can significantly aid your career advancement.

Prospects for Networking

The conference converges like-minded professionals from various corners of the world, thereby creating a distinctive networking opportunity. This confluence promotes the establishment of meaningful relationships, collaboration on prospective projects, and even the discovery of mentors or partners in your field. A strong professional network is an invaluable asset that can enhance your career trajectory.

Exposure to Diverse Global Viewpoints

Delegates will have the opportunity to gain insights into ideas and research presented by a worldwide audience, thereby augmenting their comprehension of global issues and cultural variances. Such exposure cultivates a more expansive perspective, nurturing the evolution of more inclusive and globally pertinent contributions within arts, education, and humanities.

Engagement with Community and Outreach Initiatives

The arts, education, and humanities event provides an excellent platform for community involvement and engagement. It facilitates understanding of societal needs and contributing towards addressing them. Attendees can connect their professional contributions to community initiatives, delve into outreach programs, and comprehend how their work can contribute positively to society.

Career Opportunities

Vancouver Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference, a nexus of industry leaders and professional peers, could pave the way for new career avenues. Recruiters and organizations frequently participate in such conferences in the pursuit of promising talent. Moreover, the knowledge and skills honed at the conference can amplify your appeal as a potential candidate for future career endeavors.

Inspiring Environment

The conference is orchestrated to nurture creativity and passion. The inspiring ambiance, bolstered by other dynamic individuals sharing their work and ideas, can invigorate your motivation. Exploring fresh concepts, involvement in intellectual discourse, and the surrounding creative energy can rekindle your passion for your work.

Personal Growth

Participation in such conferences significantly contributes to personal development. While you will be honing your professional skills, you will also enhance soft skills such as effective communication, leadership, and critical thinking. The varied interactions will also promote cultural understanding and empathy, thereby aiding in holistic personal growth.

Whence at the Conference

Never Miss Another Speaker

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Conference Committee

Meet Our Conference Committee

header line

Dr. Afzalur Rahman

Conference Chair

Dr. Dushyant Gosai

Divisional Chair, Accounting

Dr. Murat Erogul

Divisional Chair, Management And Entrepreneurship

Mr. John O’Fee

Divisional Chair, Business Law and Human Resource Management

Marisa McGillivray

Economist At Statistics Canada Consumer Prices Division

Masum Billah Bhuiyan

Founder of Giant Marketers

Dr. Erika Skita

Divisional Chair, Human Resource Management

Mrs. Yasmin Jahir

Divisional Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Director of Operations, USA

Dr Imtiaz Ahmed

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Howard University
Washington, DC, USA

Husnu Saner Narman

Faculty Member at Marshall University

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Benefits of Attendance – Vancouver Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference

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Opportunity for Publication

The authors who submit their papers to Global Conference Alliance Inc. can take advantage of a chance to publish them in our online conference proceedings. It is one of the best Arts, Education, and Humanities conferences In Vancouver, Canada where most authors are willing to submit their papers for international publication.

Invitation Letter

People who join international arts, education, and humanities conferences in Canada with invitation letters can engage in a wide range of technical sessions that offer valuable insights into diverse fields, enabling them to acquire invaluable knowledge from experts and authors. Plus, the attendees who join as authors can share their research and findings among the attendees to spread their knowledge.

Best Paper and Presentation Awards

Special recognition and additional certificates will be awarded for the best paper and presentation, which will be announced at the conference closing session.

Participation Certificate

Conference attendees can explore the host city through organized city tours, providing an opportunity to learn about the local culture and history.

Abstract Proceedings

Abstract proceedings of all conferences will be available online and published on our website, providing researchers and industry experts an excellent opportunity to share their work with a broader audience.

Conference Bag and Accessories

Every conference attendee will receive a conference bag and accessories, including vital materials such as a conference program, pen, and notepad.

Networking Opportunity

Vancouver Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference offers a unique chance to interact with members from various disciplines, inside and outside one’s field, allowing attendees to establish valuable connections with industry experts and researchers.

Diversity of Participants

The participant pool boasts a diverse range of individuals from over 40+ countries worldwide, such as the USA, Australia, Poland, India, Canada, Turkey, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Algeria, Sudan, Japan, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Germany, the UAE, and the UK.

Photo Session

A photo session will be organized during the arts, education, and humanities summit, allowing attendees to capture memories with fellow conference-goers.

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Steps to join Global Conference Alliance Inc. as a Author

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Step: 01

Select Conference

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Join Conference


Who Should Attend In Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference?

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Researchers and Scholars
Artists and Performers
Curriculum Developers
Policy-makers and Administrators
Librarians and Archivists
Cultural and Community Organizations
Museums and Gallery Professionals
Language and Literature Experts
Digital Humanities Practitioners
Educational Technology Specialists
Art Therapists and Counselors
Independent Scholars and Artists
Industry Professionals
Practitioners in Related Professions
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Discover Conference Ticket Price

Explore Pricing Policies

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Letter of Invitation
Journal Publication Opportunity
Best Paper Award
Certificate Of Attendance
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Letter of Invitation
Journal Publication Opportunity
Best Paper Award
Certificate Of Attendance
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Letter of Invitation
Certificate Of Attendance
Networking Opportunities
Conference Kit

NB: Price is in US dollars. Price displayed includes applicable sales tax and handling fee


Frequently Asked Questions

For any queries regarding the International Arts, Education, and Humanities Conference In Canada With Invitation Letter, check the following FAQ section. We answer most of the questions that people often ask.

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