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Modes Of Presentation

The Global Conference Alliance Inc. offers two modes of presentation: Oral and Online. Oral presentations come with the necessary equipment, a 10-minute timeframe, and a Q&A segment, while online presentations offer opportunities to connect on the advanced ZOOM platform. Both modes provide publication options for research papers.

Oral Presentation

At the Global Conference Alliance Inc., oral contributions will serve as the centerpiece of our sessions. We invite you to showcase your expertise by delivering a compelling presentation within a 10-minute timeframe, which includes a Q&A segment. In addition, we are thrilled to feature a 30-minute Keynote speech that promises to be a highlight of the conference.

Our conference organizer will provide the equipment for your presentation to facilitate seamless delivery, including a laptop with MS Office and Adobe Reader, a projector, and a screen. As a presenter, you are required to provide PowerPoint or PDF files, which will be conveniently copied to the conference laptop at the onset of each session.

Rest assured that the duration of each presentation is strictly enforced, with regular oral presentations scheduled for 10 minutes, including the Question & Answer session. The Keynote speech’s duration is set at 30 minutes to ensure a complete and insightful address.

Join us at the Global Conference Alliance Inc. and make an impact with your oral contribution.

Instructions For Oral Presentation

Devices Provided By The Conference Organizer:

Laptop (with MS Office and Adobe Reader)
Projector and Screen

Materials Provided By The Presenters:

PowerPoint or PDF files (files should be copied to the conference laptop at the beginning of each session)

Duration Of Each Presentation:

Regular oral presentation – 10 minutes, including Q&A
Keynote speech – 30 minutes

Instructions for Publication

The Global Conference Alliance Inc is proud to announce that all accepted papers for our upcoming event will be published in the prestigious online conference proceedings hosted by the esteemed Library and Archives Canada (LAC). This publication will come with a unique ISBN, further elevating the stature and credibility of your research.

Online Presentation

Discover the unparalleled opportunity the online conference offers for publishing your research abstract and paper without even having to attend the Global Conference Alliance Inc.

Our online conference is hosted on the advanced platform of ZOOM, allowing you to present your research and connect with esteemed colleagues from around the world.

As a bonus, your abstract will be featured in our professionally designed abstract book (PDF), which carries a prestigious Canadian ISBN 978-1-988652-XX-X.

We also provide a Certificate of Presentation (Digital) and the option to include your paper in the International Multidisciplinary Research Journal.

With the Virtual Category, you can effortlessly publish your paper without leaving your desk. Join us and open up the doors to the future of scholarly research.

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