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Global Conference Alliance Inc. – Proudly Canadian, Truly Global 🇨🇦

Global Conference Alliance Inc. is a Vancouver-based company that hosts the world’s top international conferences, including industry-leading workshops and various global expos in Management, Business, Economics, Digital Marketing, Technology, HRM & Leadership, Healthcare, Social Science, Engineering, and the Environment. We work tirelessly to organize significant events in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, New York, Calgary, Halifax, Seattle, Ottawa,Yellowknife, and Cancun, attracting participants from more than 70 countries.

Since our inception, Global Conference Alliance Inc. has facilitated over 200 world-class speakers, industry experts, and academic heroes at our conferences. There have been over 70+ technical sessions that welcomed more than 5000 delegates. Following our extensive schedule, we have organized more than 120 conferences, reflecting our growing impact and reach in the international community.

Looking ahead, we have planned more than 250 events from January 2024 to December 2024, continuing our tradition of excellence and global engagement.

The ISBN Canada Prefix for Global Conference Alliance Inc. remains 978-1-7389002, ensuring our publications are recognized and accessible worldwide.

Recently, we proudly expanded our legal and operational presence by registering as a corporation in the United States, marking a significant milestone in our international growth. Moreover, we have joined prestigious organizations, joining the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, the Surrey Board of Trade, the Toronto Region Board of Trade, and the BC Chamber of Commerce in British Columbia. These memberships affirm our commitment to excellence, ethics, and community involvement across North America.

Incorporated under the Business Corporations Act of British Columbia on January 4, 2019, Global Conference Alliance Inc continues to uphold its Canadian heritage while embracing its global vision.

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What Are We Working For?

Global Conference Alliance Inc is set to work for our customers, from national to global audiences. We invite participants from more than 70 countries that have attended our past events to bring forth their knowledge, learnings, and research with plans to share with the right audience.

We are expanding our platform and are welcoming enthusiasts from around the world to come ahead and be a part of our platform. You can put forth your ideas and your research to share with the right audience and get the feedback you look for. We are working to reduce the gap between the people of all the departments and their audiences who want to share their stellar idea and get leads from our platform to bring their idea to reality.

We are also pleased to tell you that the conference committee proved to be an excellent opportunity to meet and network with delegates from around the globe in areas of management, marketing, international business, human resource management, accounting, finance, arts, education, humanities, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, technology, nursing, healthcare management, and economics.

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Global Conference Alliance has created waves of new ideas and technologies in these fields due to the in-person meeting that all delegates had with each other and the immense understanding that was given to all concepts.

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Why Should You Be A Part Of The Global Conference Alliance Events?

In the near future, more Global Conferences will take place. The delegates that made it to the conferences are not in doubt about attending this gathering, but if you haven’t been to one yet, you may be thinking, what benefit will this gathering bring you?

Well, the more you question, the more you learn, and GCA is truly a place where you are allowed to let your questions speak and find answers as you go to each of its events. You will be learning many new concepts and ideas in these conferences, and who knows, due to these ideas, you will hit upon your new concept and make it a reality for the world to enjoy and find benefit from.

If you are from any fields mentioned earlier, you are welcome and are perfect for joining us at our events. We are eagerly waiting to introduce you to what our delegates are up to and how you can be one of them.

Be a part of our upcoming conferences.

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Top International Conferences In Business, Management, And Economics:

The Global Conference on Business Management and Economics is a great opportunity to network with delegates from around the globe. Suppose you belong to fields like marketing, management, human resource management, international business, finance, accounting, economics, and entrepreneurship. In that case, you will be boat loaded with many ideas and events happening worldwide.

We are glad to host all the great events and let people gather more and more information in their respective fields. Our upcoming conferences information’s available here It will be an excellent opportunity to meet and network with all the delegates over the gloves. You can also submit your research papers with us and let your work be shared with many other interested individuals. By being a delegate of the Global Conference Alliance, you can bring your idea into the sights of those that can finance it and make it a great thing in the coming future.

top international conferences in business management and economics

This is a chance that many only dreamt of. Still, now due to our platform, we have allowed creatives and enthusiasts to be able to envision their ideas and turn them into possible events only by networking and finding the right audience.

Are you looking for a platform to showcase your great idea, or do you want to gather more knowledge about your walk of life? Then you are at the right place if you are part of our upcoming conferences with all your great ideas, you are welcome to this mega opportunity of all gains and no loss.

We are proud to state the following figures about Global Conference Alliance Inc. as we expand learning worldwide as proud Canadians!

100+ world-class speakers, academic heroes, and industry experts
25+ technical sessions
1000+ delegates
25+ events scheduled from February 2023 to December 2023
ISBN Canada Prefix for Global Conference Alliance Inc. : 978-1-9990057
Incorporated under the Business Corporations Act of British Columbia on January 4, 2019
BBB – Better Business Bureau accredited

We are based in Vancouver, where we host all of our top international conferences, including industry-leading personnel and global expos in Management, Business, and Economics. We also organize events in Vancouver, Toronto, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Houston, Cancun.. Participants from over 70 countries attended our past conferences, and this is the right time for you to be a part of it.

Expand your learning and be a part of this great system where people are always trying to learn something new and make a big deal of small advancements in each field. You can always be somewhere great in your field and bear the new idea in mind to turn it into something helpful for mankind and to advance your field of work.

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