Peer Review Details

Our double-blind process works the following way:

Paper Submission: Authors submit their research papers to the conference organizers for conference presentations.

Initial Screening: The conference committee starts the initial screening process to make sure the papers meet the conference scope and guidelines. After passing the screening process, the committee forwards the submitted paper to the peer review stage.

Reviewer Assignment: Qualified reviewers in the relevant field are selected based on their ability to judge the quality and value of the submitted papers. They were chosen especially for their expertise and lack of conflict of interest with authors.

Review Process: Both the authors’ and reviewers’ identities are kept hidden from each other during the process. Expert reviewers assess the papers based on originality, significance, technical quality, clarity, and relevance to the conference theme. The conference organizer receives detailed feedback and suggestions from the reviewers about the papers’ acceptability for the conference presentation.

Decision Notification: After getting feedback from the reviewers, the conference committee decides whether to accept, reject, or request revisions for the submitted paper. Authors also get notification of the decision with feedback or revisions asked by the reviewers.

Revision and Final Decision: Authors get the chance to address the reviewers’ comments and submit a revised version of their paper for further review after having revision requests. The conference organizers assess the revisions to ensure that they properly address the reviewers’ concerns. Based on this review, a final decision is made on whether to accept the paper for presentation at the conference.

Presentation at the Conference: The author presents accepted papers at the conference, either through verbal presentations, poster sessions, or other formats determined by the conference committee.

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