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Maria Strigoun

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Maria Strigoun

Registered Nurse, Vancouver General Hospital

Maria received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where she received her Emergency Certificate in Nursing shortly afterwards. Maria is a critically trained nurse working at the Emergency unit at VGH. She was always interested in the mechanics of the human body, critical care medicine, and her passion for service towards the community resulted in a passion for healthcare. She has been working in emergency departments within the Lower Mainland throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting experiences have polished her nursing skills to a mirror sheen.

Through her experience with various populations, including pediatrics, youth, and geriatrics, Maria believes prevention starts at a young age. During her off-times, she volunteers at local high schools to educate students on healthy living and good habits for maintaining health. She is passionate on keeping our youth safe while bringing real-life experiences from the Emergency department. She plans, coordinates, educates and delivers presentations accommodating to the crowd to give effective presentations.

Maria is deeply passionate about continuously learning. Maria currently hold certifications with Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Emergency Practice Intervention and Care – Trauma, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, etc. She is currently working to becoming a Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service critical care nurse.

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