How to Notarize a Letter of Invitation in Canada

How to Notarize a Letter of Invitation in Canada?

Planning a trip to Canada and need to invite a friend or family member from abroad? Understanding the process of notarizing a Letter of Invitation is essential. 

A notarized letter adds an official touch, increasing the likelihood of a smooth visa application process for your guest. So, how to notarize a Letter of Invitation in Canada?

To notarize a Letter of Invitation in Canada, find a qualified notary public or lawyer. Set up an appointment, bring your identification and the letter. Sign it in their presence.

The notary will affix their official seal. Pay the fee, and keep the notarized letter with your visa application documents. Submit for recognition.

Worry not, as we present a concise guide to navigate this procedure seamlessly. Whether for tourism, business, or a special event, having your letter notarized involves finding a qualified notary public or a lawyer. 

Overview of Notarization in Canada

Discover the ease of notarizing your invitation! Embrace the authenticity of your invite with our user-friendly and professional approach. 

Let us guide you through the notarization process, ensuring your invitation gains credibility. Bid farewell to complexities and welcome a seamless and effortless notarization experience!

It’s prudent to grasp the significance of notarization, saving you valuable time and ensuring your invitation carries legal weight. 

This comprehensive overview offers vital insights on notarizing a Letter of Invitation in Canada. Notarization is essential for verifying your invitation letter’s legitimacy, granting it legal recognition from Canadian authorities.

Required Documents for Notarization in Canada

Notarization is a crucial process to validate documents’ authenticity in Canada. Understanding the required documents is essential to ensure a smooth and successful notarization.

How to Notarize a Letter of Invitation in Canada

Below are the necessary documents you’ll need:

Original Document

Bring the original document that requires notarization, such as a Letter of Invitation or a legal contract.

Valid Identification

Present government-issued photo identification, like a passport or driver’s license, to verify your identity.

Additional Supporting Documents

Depending on the document type, you may need to provide supplementary materials for verification purposes.

Copies of Supporting Documents

If any supporting documents are necessary, bring photocopies to submit along with the original.

Notary FeeGlobal conference on business management, digital marketing, cyber security, HRM, Healthcare , education, engineering Registration

Have the required notary fee in cash or acceptable payment methods per the notary’s preferences.

By preparing these required documents beforehand, you can expedite the notarization process and ensure the legal validity of your document in Canada. 

Remember to bring the original document, a valid ID, additional supporting materials, their photocopies, and the necessary notary fee for a smooth and efficient notarization experience.

How to Notarize a Letter of Invitation in Canada? (step-by-step guide)

Ensure a seamless visa process by understanding the significance of notarizing your Letter of Invitation. This step-by-step guide will help you navigate the notarization process easily and confidently.

Step-by-Step Guide to Notarize a Letter of Invitation in Canada:

Step 1- Draft the Letter: Craft a warm and inviting invitation letter, including all the necessary details, such as your contact information and the purpose of the visit.

Step 2- Locate a Notary: Find a trustworthy notary public or lawyer in your vicinity who can assist you with the notarization process.

Step 3- Schedule an Appointment: Book a convenient time with the notary to discuss and complete the notarization requirements.

Step 4- Bring a Valid ID: Make sure to carry valid government-issued identification, like a passport or driver’s license, to confirm your identity.

Step 5- Sign in the Presence: At the appointment, gracefully sign the letter while the notary witnesses the process.

Step 6 Notary’s Verification: The notary will professionally verify your identity and the authenticity of your letter.

Step 7Official Seal: The notary will impress their official seal on the document once everything is in order.

Step 8- Pay the Fee: Fulfill the notarization fee as per the notary’s friendly guidelines.

Step 9- Obtain Notarized Letter: Be delighted to receive the notarized letter, now with the notary’s signature and seal.

Step 10- Submit with Visa Application: With a smile, keep the notarized letter alongside other supporting documents for your guest’s visa application.

You can diligently ensure the notarization of your Letter of Invitation with these steps, adding credibility to your invitation and improving the chances of a successful visa application for your guest.

Who can Procure Notarized Letter of Invitation For You?

Obtaining a notarized Letter of Invitation is essential for a smooth visa application process in Canada. Learn about the professionals who can help you secure this vital document.

Notary Publics:

Notary publics are licensed professionals authorized to perform notarizations. They can assist you in notarizing your Letter of Invitation, ensuring its legal validity and acceptance by Canadian authorities.


Qualified lawyers can also provide notarization services for your invitation letter. With their legal expertise, they verify the authenticity of the document, adding credibility to your invitation.

Immigration Consultants:

Experienced immigration consultants can guide you through the notarization process and assist with the necessary paperwork, streamlining the visa application process for your guest.

Government Offices:

Some government offices offer notarization services for official documents, including Letters of Invitation. Check with your local government office for availability and requirements.

Notary Service Companies:

Many specialized notary service companies operate across Canada, providing efficient and convenient notarization services. They can be a reliable option to get your Letter of Invitation notarized promptly.

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Cost of Notarization Letter of Invitation in Canada

Understanding the cost of notarizing a Letter of Invitation in Canada is essential for budget planning. This informative guide outlines the various expenses involved in the notarization process.

Cost of Notarization Letter of Invitation in Canada:

Notary Fees

The primary cost is the notary’s fee, which can vary depending on the notary’s location and expertise. Generally, fees range from $30 to $100.

Additional Copies

If you require multiple notarized copies of the invitation letter, there may be extra charges per copy.

Translation Services

If the invitation letter is not in English or French, translation services might be necessary, incurring additional costs.

Courier Fees

If the notarized letter needs to be delivered to a foreign destination, courier fees will apply.

Travel Expenses

You may need to cover the notary’s travel expenses in certain situations, such as remote or on-site notarization.

Knowing these potential costs lets you plan your budget effectively and ensure a smooth and affordable notarization process for your Letter of Invitation in Canada.


Ultimately, “How to Notarize a Letter of Invitation in Canada?” is pivotal for a successful and credible invitation. Following the user-friendly step-by-step guide, you can navigate the notarization process effortlessly, ensuring your invitation holds the utmost legal recognition. 

Seeking assistance from a qualified notary public, lawyer, or reputable notary service company provides a smooth and efficient experience. Notarization adds a professional touch, enhancing the likelihood of a hassle-free visa application process for your cherished guest. 

Remember to prepare all essential documents, elegantly sign the letter in the notary’s presence, and securely keep the notarized letter alongside other visa application materials.

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