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Breanne Llewellyn

breanne llewellyn

Breanne Llewellyn

Doctor of Pharmacy student , University of British Columbia

Breanne Llewellyn is a student in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of British Columbia. Her pharmacy extracurricular experience consists of collaboration within the hospital pharmacy field and involvement in promoting health and wellness in the local community. She has prior experience working towards a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry at the University of British Columbia, where she developed a passion for healthcare and drug therapeutics. Previously, Breanne has held various leadership and educational roles, such as being a student leader to incoming university students and providing marginalized communities with academic aid and technology services. During Breanne’s PharmD degree thus far, she has developed an interest in the infectious disease field and in promoting pharmacy education, such as the expanding scope of practice for pharmacists. She aspires to continue promoting pharmacy education in her future career.

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