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Seren Nergiz Mullaoğlu

seren nergiz

Seren Nergiz Mullaoğlu

Founding Lawyer – Nergiz Avukatlık Bürosu | Nergiz Law Firm

Seren Nergiz Mullaoğlu graduated from Istanbul Commerce University Faculty of Law in 2016 and earned her master’s degree in International Trade and Maritime Law from Swansea University, UK. Her expertise includes data protection, international trade, corporate law, and legal compliance. She established Nergiz Law Firm in Istanbul in 2021, offering legal services in Turkish and English. Seren advises a diverse clientele, including international institutions, governments, companies, and startups, specializing in areas such as IT, corporate, trade, contract, consumer, internet, e-commerce, labor, social security, immigration, and intellectual property law. She particularly assists internet startups with legal audits, company establishment, contract drafting, and GDPR compliance, ensuring her clients’ adherence to new regulations.

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