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Ms. Natalia Teodora Muresan

ms natalia teodora muresan

Ms. Natalia Teodora Muresan

Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager

Ms. Muresan is a Digital Marketing professional based in Vancouver, Canada. Born and raised in Romania, international marketing and global business practices have always been a passion of hers. Ms. Muresan possesses deep understanding of navigating cultural aspects, and utilizing them in order to achieve a common goal.

Following her studies in Visual Art and Design at Simon Fraser University, Ms. Muresan is currently completing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing at Douglas College. She has worked as a Digital Marketer throughout the course of her studies, as well as a Brand Ambassador for organizations such as Purolator, Herschel Canada, and Future X Skills.

Ms. Muresan is currently the Social Media Manager for Global Conference Alliance Inc. She directs and oversees digital marketing efforts to be employed across the organization’s social media platforms. Additionally, she provides operational support to Global Conference Alliance Inc. and its events and conferences.

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