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Khan Muhammad Kawser Ahmed

khan muhammad kawser ahmed

Khan Muhammad Kawser Ahmed

Founder & CEO of SOFTEKO, Director of OZLEON FZ-LLC
IT Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Expert

Khan Muhammad Kawser Ahmed is an experienced entrepreneur who has been working in the information technology field for almost 10 years. He also has a background in investment and is a digital marketing expert. He achieved remarkable success by growing a blog from zero visitors to 2.6 million visitors per month.
Currently, Kawser Ahmed is focused on learning about the transformation of search engines from traditional ones to semantic search engines, which he believes is the future of SEO. He is keen on integrating AI and SEO in his business.
He leads two companies with a total of 120 employees, most of whom are engineers. These companies are involved in various projects, including developing a feature-rich Excel add-in, offering SaaS services for PDF conversion, managing a very popular Excel blog, working on a Linux project, and creating educational content for children.
Kawser Ahmed’s leadership journey has taught him valuable lessons in growth hacking, ensuring business sustainability in the age of AI, visionary thinking, and implementing effective processes for employees. He also runs his businesses using agile methods to stay updated with the latest technology trends. Overall, Khan Muhammad Kawser Ahmed is known for his innovative and excellent work in the IT and entrepreneurship fields.

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