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Debbie Motilewa

debbie motilewa

Debbie Motilewa

Senior Product Manager (Growth) at Amazon Web Services
Featured Speaker at Product School

Debbie Motilewa’s professional journey is at the intersection of innovation, education and community empowerment. At 20, she founded The VolunteerNG, a non profit bridging educational gaps in Nigeria. At 25, she achieved the distinction of being the youngest PhD graduate from Africa’s esteemed Covenant University. At 28, she built Afrohub – a digital marketplace uniting consumers with black-owned businesses. She currently works as a Senior Product Manager at AWS IQ, driving the organization’s growth strategy to empower small and medium sized businesses to unlock the power of cloud computing. Prior to Amazon, she worked at Microsoft on Viva Engage/Yammer. Debbie’s influence goes beyond borders, having lived and worked on three continents – Europe, Africa and North America. When she is not shaping technological solutions or nurturing startups, she finds joy exploring the world and savoring diverse cuisines.

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