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Daniel Verhagen, MBA

daniel verhagen

Daniel Verhagen, MBA

Professor and Curriculum Developer, Marketing Leader, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Daniel Verhagen is a professor and curriculum developer at a growing list of private and public post-secondary institutions in the Lower Mainland and remotely across Canada; Stenberg College and Conestoga College to name a couple. In his academia-focused work, he tends to focus on courses in business ethics, marketing, and app or web development. Outside of his work in academia, Daniel is the founder and president of a marketing and business development company called UrBiz Marketing, having worked with several well-known brands and not-for-profits like SAXX Underwear and 3M. Throughout his journey, he has also had the pleasure of working in many in-house marketing leadership roles across a multitude of industries as well. Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in the social sciences field from Western University, a collegiate diploma in Marketing from Fanshawe College, an MBA in Business Analytics Leadership from the University of Fredericton, and he has a goal of achieving his PhD in Consumer Behaviour over the next five years. Education is something that he holds in high regard; he currently sits on the Student Advisory Board of the University of Fredericton and founded a scholarship to improve post-secondary education accessibility for secondary school students with difficult home lives. Daniel’s past upbringing within the foster care system informed the creation of the scholarship and his current servitude as an Ambassador for the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.

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